How Recycling Benefits The Pennsylvania Environment

How Recycling Benefits The Pennsylvania EnvironmentIn today’s fast-paced and stressful times, the Pennsylvania environment too bears the heavy brunt of our wasteful, filthy and irresponsible behavior.

But, instead of simply whining about how dirty our air or water is, or just complaining why the government is not doing enough to protect our natural resources, we can actually make a difference by planting trees or taking care of our forests, as well as by recycling at homes, our offices and workplaces. Here’s a look at how recycling helps protect the environment.


5 Recycling Tips to Save Money–And the Earth

5 Recycling Tips to Save Money–You just can’t get that memo right, can you? You print out the first draft and find a misspelling. You print out the second draft and discover you missed some commas. You print out the third draft and later decide on a new title. Now the final draft is ready for printing.

Before you throw away those wasted sheets of paper, stop and realize that you could be costing your business as well as the environment.