Saving Energy through Food Waste Recycling

Food Waste RecyclingDecreasing the amount of energy we use but still getting the desired results, has a lot of benefits. The primary benefit would be saving money while also helping the environment.

Generating energy requires precious natural resources like coal, oil and gas. Therefore, saving up on energy can help in preserving these resources for the future and food waste recycling should be at the top of the list.  (more…)

What are Anaerobic Digesters?

What are Anaerobic DigestersAnaerobic digesters are used for purposes such as food waste recycling. They come in three or four different kinds of designs. All of them consist of three components in total.


  1. In the first compartment, there’s an input unit for the food waste to be entered.
  2. In the second compartment is the digester
  3. In the third one is an output unit that removes the residue.


Anaerobic Digesters and Their Types

Anaerobic Digesters

Types of Anaerobic DigestersAnaerobic digesters mainly carry out the process in a closed, oxygen-less vessel, that usually occurs in certain natural conditions otherwise. The purpose behind being able to carry out such a process is to reduce the the production of greenhouse gases that may harm the environment and utilizing the biogas produced as a result of this process to produce methane and carbon dioxide, further use them as energy resources.