The Pennsylvania Recycling Revolution Is Now Picking Up Steam

Pennsylvania Recycling RevolutionAccording to recent figures, the United States is considered as the number 1 garbage-producing country in the planet.

The Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA, states that the United States has 10,000 municipal and 3,000 urban landfills. The sad thing is that most of these landfills are tightly sealed, to prevent the garbage from leaching and contaminating nearby rivers, lakes, streams or seas.

The tight sealing of these landfills though effectively inhibits the natural degradation of organic wastes. What happens once our landfills reach full capacity? Could recycling help provide us with answers to our looming garbage crisis?


What Does Anaerobic Digestion Mean?

What Does Anaerobic Digestion MeanAnaerobic Digestion is a process that creates energy and biofertiliser from food waste, but what does anaerobic really mean?

As one of Pennsylvania’s leaders in Anaerobic Digestion we are continuously doing our best to educate people about the benefits of recycling and how Anaerobic Digestion can help us create energy for thousands through-out Pennsylvania. (more…)

Anaerobic Digestion Benefits & Drivers

Anaerobic Digestion BenefitsAnaerobic Digestion is the process where plant and animal material (biomass) is converted into useful products by micro-organisms in the absence of air.

This biomass can be unwanted ‘wastes’, such as slurry or leftover food, or crops grown specifically for feeding the digester. The outputs from the digestion process are;


Recent Innovations in Waste Management and Recycling Techniques

Recent Innovations in Waste Management and Recycling TechniquesThe recycling and waste management industry of Pennsylvania has responded to the increased demand with innovation in recycling techniques.

Global warming and environmental pollution has made waste management one the top priorities of the local and federal government. Waste management and recycling has climbed to the top of the political and environmental agenda of the country.