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About Energy Recyclers, LLC

Energy Recyclers, LLC is professionally managed by Ideal Group Inc. Energy Recyclers, operates in partnership with Ideal Family Farms, LLC at 89 BP Finishing Lane, Beavertown Pennsylvania.

Prior business relationship between the owners of the business’s brings a personal relationship driven approach to the beneficial partnerships with the companies who have chosen to recycle food waste and other related food processing waste products through Energy Recyclers service.

In 2008 while evaluating future business opportunities, Ideal Family Farms determined to assist the future of Sustainable Agriculture by contracting to have a state of the art anaerobic digestion, heat recovery and electrical generation system installed.  This system has been operating beneficially since installation and allows food waste to be recycled and its organic energy is converted to electric.

The partner and owners of the farm continue to operate this system successfully and have entered into an agreement with Energy Recyclers to promote and manage the business relationships of companies who wish to join the environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to waste disposal.

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Join the environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to waste disposal.