Anaerobic Digestion – Advanced Technology and Processes

Anaerobic Digestion is Advanced Technology and ProcessesBecause of growing concerns over global warming and emission of greenhouse gases, a rapid technological advancement was seen in the recycling industry in Pennsylvania.

Organic waste diverted to landfills undergoes anaerobic digestion in an open environment that results in methane emission, which is 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Anaerobic digestion gained massive popularity because of its environment friendly and functional nature. Anaerobic digestion effectively utilizes methane in the production of renewable energy.

How to Choose an Anaerobic Digester

How to Choose an Anaerobic DigesterAlthough the advancement of technology has made production processes very efficient, but still a lot of waste is generated every passing day in industries, farm fields, households, etc. This is the reason why increasing environmental pollution and depleting natural resources demand recycling.


6 Ways for Turning Food Waste into Green Energy

Turning Food Waste into Green EnergyFood waste is an opportunity disguised as a problem for Pennsylvania households, grocery stores, restaurants, and municipalities.

According to USEPA, food waste accounts for 14 percent of the total municipal solid waste which can be reduced, or recycled to produce energy. Reducing the amount of food scrap or recycling it, offers many economic and environmental benefits.