What Are Your Most Popular Ways of Recycling?

Most popular ways of recyclingWe are interested in the ways that you contribute to making the planet a greener place to live.

Below are 6 of the more popular ways of recycling and/or contributing to recycling. Please rank to following (1-6) with 1 being your most popular way to 6 your least popular way to recycle.

Click done after you have made your selection and then scroll to the right to see what our recycling survey claims to be the most popular ways of recycling and contributing to a greener planet.


The Recycling Quiz – Waste and Recycling Trivia

Recycling QuizThere is not doubt that in today’s world recycling for energy is a must. Problem is, According to the EPA, about 75% of the garbage that Americans toss in the garbage each week is recyclable. Yet only 25% is actually recycled!

Take our Recycling Quiz and learn more about what recycling can do and some other trivia regarding the importance of recycling.

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